7 Essential Filmmaking Apps to Download Right Now

7 Essential Filmmaking Apps to Download Right Now

From screenwriting and pre-production to editing, here are 7 affordable apps designed to enhance production value, and enrich creativity for as little at €0!

Smartphones are constantly developing and providing us with features that drastically improve efficiency and creativity within our lives. Until recently, the film industry was a huge, intimidating, and expensive machine that was hard to penetrate, especially on a micro budget. These days, however, numerous apps have been released that condense the features of expensive studio software and equipment, into something you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Here is our pick of the 7 most effective and affordable apps that you can download right now.


1. Celtx

Use: Scriptwriting / Pre-production

Price: Free! (Subscription upgrades available)

Cetlx, one of the industry’s leading screenwriting software, is now available for you to use on your phone. With this app you can proofread your draft on your daily commute! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, writing a screenplay, stageplay, audio play, or comic, this easy-to-use app provides templates for all. And the best part – It’s completely free!

The basic plan allows you to write up to three screenplays, but there is also the option of an affordable monthly subscription if you need to write more. Their cloud-based platform means your scripts will be synced to your account, so you can switch between your computer and phone whenever you like. Once logged in, you’ll find the option to edit an existing script or start a new one – It doesn’t overcrowd you with information, making it one of the best to use.


2. Shot Lister

Use: Pre-production

Price: £13.99 | $13.99 | €13.99

Shot Lister is a hugely beneficial industry-grade scheduling and shot listing app. No matter how well-planned a shoot is, all filmmakers will agree that more often than not, different circumstances will force you to re-think, re-plan, or re-arrange what you’re shooting on set. Gone are the days of scribbling all over your schedules and call sheets, as Shot Lister allows you to do all of this with the simple flick of a finger. With a range of features including customisable layout, multi-cam support, and easy sharing, Shot Lister really is a product designed out of necessity.

The app is available to purchase for a one-time fee of 13.99, which allows you to utilize the majority of features and thousands of shots. For the more advanced users, a ‘Pro’ option is available for an annual subscription of 13.99.


3. Shot Designer

Use: Pre-production

Price: Free! (In-app purchases available)

One of the most efficient and beneficial pre-production apps for Directors and DPs, Shot Designer allows you to create simple but accurate lighting plans that will save you precious time on set. The app lets you create a 2D birds-eye-view diagram of the set/location, where you can then visualise how to block out the scene with the actors and where the best placement for lights will be for your desired look. Once you’re confident with the plans, you’re then able to convert the information into a condensed shot list.

Although it offers some additional in-app purchases, the free version is usually more than enough for the average filmmaker to fully utilize its potential.

4. Cine Meter II

Use: Pre-production + On-set / Production

Price: £23.99 | $23.99 | €23.99

Known as ‘the essential app for all cinematographers’, Cine Meter II has combined the benefits of costly light and colour meters and put them into an affordable app. Providing you with the essential light and colour information in a simple layout with accurate text and waveform readings, this app will boost your confidence in correctly exposing/shooting your shot. One of the biggest benefits is that you can use it during a location scout / pre-light day to get accurate environment readings even before you shoot, giving you more information to create better lighting plans.

An optional clip-on photosphere add-on allows you to also utilize the app’s incident readings, but this isn’t essential for all features.


5. FiLMiC Pro

Use: On-set / Production

Price: £14.99 | $14.99 | €14.99

FiLMiC Pro is highly regarded as one of the best all-round filmmaking apps on the market. Used on various feature films including Tangerine and Unsane, the app boosts the ability of your iPhone camera, allowing you to lock exposure, focus, adjust white balance, and a range of other features to give you full control over what you shoot. With complete manual control, you’re now able to shoot a cinematic masterpiece on your very own phone. You can shoot in a wide range of aspect ratios, frame rate, and even in slow motion!

The app offers additional in-app purchases for seasoned filmmakers to really push the app to its full potential, however, the standard one-off purchase is more than enough for even the more advanced cinematographers to shoot wonderful results.

6. Artemis Pro - Director’s Viewfinder

Use: Pre-production + On-set / Production

Price: £28.99 | $28.99 | €28.99

Slightly more expensive than the rest on the list, but worth every penny. Used by Oscar winners to student filmmakers, the primary use of Artemis enables you to plan shots by experimenting with how different lenses look, efficiently saving valuable time and the risk of miscommunication. The best thing about Artemis is that you can accurately plan shots months before the shoot, even if you are still learning or aren’t very technical in your filmmaking abilities. You’ll also likely find it to be your best resource on set that’s in your pocket at all times.

Incredibly easy-to-use, all you have to do is select the lens you want and let the creativity flow. Artemis now has pre-vis bonus features, such as the ability to experiment with the overall look and colour grade.

7. Adobe Premiere Rush

Use: Editing / Post-production + On-set / Production

Price: Free! (In-app purchases available)

Adobe is known for offering advanced features and software in an easy to use format, that beginners can feel in control of. With Adobe Premiere Rush, they have combined all the necessary features of their beloved Premiere editing software in an amazing simplified version for phones. One of the best editing apps, they’ve made it efficient for you to edit on the go and share anywhere online. You can edit using a multi-track timeline, in case you need to layer multiple videos or sound files, as well as a range of customizable titles. It also allows you to film directly from the app itself.

For the more advanced editors, you can upgrade to a 9.99 monthly subscription, which allows you to have unlimited exports, 100gb of cloud storage, and use the app on all your other devices, such as your laptop.


With the ever-growing technological world, filmmaking has never been more accessible - We hope that with the help of these apps, you’ll be well on your way to making your next masterpiece. If you’re new to filmmaking or want to learn more about an unfamiliar aspect, why not download one of the free ones and have a go!

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