The Elevator Pitch: How To Sell Your Story in 30 Seconds

The Elevator Pitch: How To Sell Your Story in 30 Seconds

The elevator pitch is an opportunity to quickly share important information about your film anyone, anywhere, at any time. Here’s how to shape it!

Film Comparisons

The quickest way to convey the tone, style, and atmosphere of your film is to compare it to previously made recognisable films. You may have heard filmmakers say, “it’s X meets X”. For example, it’s E.T. meets The Goonies, or it’s The Thing meets Halloween. This should only take a few second. You don’t want to dwell on comparisons for long as it’s important you utilize the time to pitch the uniqueness of your idea.

A Clear Logline

A logline is a one-sentence summary of the entire movie that informs the audience of the concept, character and general story arc. For example, The BFG’s logline is ‘An orphan befriends a benevolent giant who takes her to Giant Country, where they attempt to stop the man-eating giants that are invading the human world’. It’s the best way to begin pitching your idea as listeners will instantly be able to understand the type of story you’re pitching. Loglines can be broken down into the following template:


You can also re-arrange/remove any of the elements within the template depending on what suits your story best!

Extended Short Synopsis

Now that you’ve explained the main idea, it’s important to expand upon it in a clear and concise manner. This shows that your narrative has depth. It’s important to still keep this brief – aim for 4-6 sentences. Practice covering the entire essential skeleton of your story, from the first incident all the way to the climax. Don’t be shy about divulging the ending! Showing them that you have a gripping third act will drastically strengthen their belief in the story.


The Protagonist and The Antagonist

Now that you’ve got them hooked with the concept, it’s time to dig slightly deeper into your protagonist. What makes them new, different, or special? And why is it important for the story to be told through their perspective? The BFG is told from Sophie’s perspective because she develops a relationship with an unlikely father-like figure whom she should fear, after escaping the horrors of her real world. This reflects the main theme of not judging people based on their appearance.

If your story features an antagonist expand upon why they are vital for your story, what makes them truly evil and the stakes the protagonist faces because of them.

The Theme & Why It’s Relevant

To wrap up, it’s a good idea to summarise the film’s main themes and give them an idea as to why audiences will connect with it. You should also tell them why the idea is relevant – does the story explore a current issue? Is there a strong market for this type of film? Why does the world need to see this film?










Be interesting, memorable, succinct, and EXCITED about your film! Practice your pitch and tell it in a passionate, energetic way. The listener should leave wanting more. By the end of your pitch, they should be asking you for your treatment or the script.

For some creatives, “selling” can be tough, but practice makes perfect – own your abilities, and make the listener believe in your story in the same way that you do. You got this – good luck!


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